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Children Embracing in Circle

There are many ways LINK Village works to support vulnerable children and families.

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LINK Village gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior and prevent problems developing. Whether someone is a parent, grand-parent, guardian, foster parent, educator, youth worker, social worker, or volunteer, they need to know how to address the child behavioral and emotional problems by equipping them with evidence-based tools and skills to build stronger families.


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LINK Village is building many relationships with other organisations working to support vulnerable children and families. The model involves a team of volunteers who come alongside LINK Village as well as the children’s biological family to share resources, expertise, and friendship. We provide education in the goal of serving families and preventing children from becoming orphans.


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LINK Village advocates for parents experiencing temporary crisis and children facing overwhelming circumstances:

  • Families with a child or parent who had multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s).

  • Families who have a neurodivergent child.

  • A parent who had no one to care for her children when sudden illness required surgery.

  • Children with one parent who is incarcerated, or going through rehabilitation, or in care for mental health support.

LINK Village advocates for the worth and potential of every child. LINK Village works to empower and equip families, caregivers, and communities to love, nurture, and protect vulnerable children. We believe children belong in families, not in institutions.



  • Fewer foster care and out-of-home placements for children.

  • Prevent child abuse by intervening early in time of family crisis.

  • Increase family wellbeing by addressing individual and community transgenerational trauma.

  • Offer support to prevent separation of families.




LINK Village objective is to bring together people who have a compassionate heart to empower families, by calling government, businesses, schools, churches, and community organizations into action:


  • Establishing, operating, and maintaining homes for children, women and others, both short-term and long term, in family-like atmospheres.

  • Providing support to enable them to be safe, healthy, productive, self-sufficient, and engaged citizens.

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